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Aalto Universtiy, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, MA 2012
The Glasgow School of Art, BA(Hons) 2010

Lion's Stripes
, Birch Needles, solo exhibition and art-toy workshops, Pikku-Aurora, Espoo, 2017; The Pool, solo exhibition, Gallery K, Vantaa, 2018

Solo exhibitions:
Lion's Stripes, Birch Needles, Toteemi, Vantaa & Annantalo, Helsinki, 2016; Recurring Nightmare, Galleria Rajatila, Tampere, 2015; You Are Here – Vous êtes ici, Galleria Jangva, Helsinki, 2014; Flamin' Martians – A Retrospective of Nonexistent pt. 2, Lewisham Arthouse, London, 2014; Fla...

Group exhibitions:
Game Face, Sweet 'Art, London, 2017; Messing With Yarn, Textile Arts Factory, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2016; New Muu, Muu Kaapeli, Helsinki, 2015; Boutique Art Couture, Gislaved Konstahall, 2015; Found in Translation, Berlin, 2015; Art Couture, Galleria Huuto, Helsinki & Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, 2014; Young Artists 2013, Helsinki Kunst...

Multidisciplinary works and performances:

Electric Cues, LéSpace, Helsinki, 2015; The Flag Ceremony, Gloria, Helsinki, 2012; A Day Full of Songs And Surprises, Studio Krunikka, Helsinki, 2010; Chocolate Bites, Newberry Gallery, Glasgow, 2009; Neben Klänge, Sibelius-Academy, 2008; Raise Your Hands, When You Know...

Stage design for theatre and opera:
The Path, Hurjaruuth, Helsinki, 2014; The Delayed Wedding Night, Riihimäki Theatre, 2012; Kajaani Seminar, Kajaani City Theatre, 2011; King Kong Hki, Student Theatre, Helsinki, 2011; The Daughter, the Son and the Daughter-in-law, Espoo City Theatre, 2007; A-a-america, Musica Nova, Helsinki, 2006; Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, S...

Design for film and TV:

Operation Alien Intelligence, University of Art and Design, 2004; Under a Tree, University of Art and Design and Arcada, 2004

Street performances:
The Tourist, Helsinki, 2011; Past the Date, Glasgow, Helsinki, 2010; Lost Monument no. 4, Glasgow, Paris, Helsinki, Turku, 2009; Collected Essays, Glasgow, Helsinki, 2008; In the Sickbay, Helsinki, 2007; ?, Helsinki, 2006

    Eero Tiittula

      b. 1979 Vantaa, Finland

       "Batman never lends himself to
       commericial enterprises"

      Chief Commissioner Gordon